An Antioxidant powerhouse for your daily needs!

In this bundle you´ll receive:

  • Sour Cherry Coconut - 65% Raw Cacao (1x 40g bar)
  • Smooth Pure Dark - 80% Raw Cacao (1x 40g bar)
  • Bare Berries - (1x 80g bag ~ 16 Serves) from our friends at Bare Blends

Combine this delicious blend of Bare Berries with our raw chocolate for your smoothie, breakfast bowl or your own creation.

5 reasons why you need Bare Berries:

  1. Promotes healthy skin, vision and cardiovascular function
  2. Protect against memory and cognitive loss
  3. Assists with anti-inflammation
  4. Helps to slow processes associated with ageing
  5. Support healthy digestion and boost immune system function