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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does your cacao come from? 

We use raw, organic high-quality Criollo Cacao Nibs & Cacao Butter from Peru. Our Cacao is Fair-trade and Certified Organic

Is your chocolate vegan? 
Yes, all our products are vegan as dark chocolate has always been vegan. Check our product listings for more information. Remember that all cacao products are plant-based.
Are you using refined sugar in your chocolates? 
No, we don't use refined sugar. We use a fair-trade, raw and organic coconut sugar as it is better for the planet, for you and your friends! Coconut Sugar doesn't spike your blood sugar levels like refined sugar and has minimal processing.
How should your chocolate be stored? 

In a cool, dry, easily accessible place. Ideally between the temperatures of 15 - 20 degrees. Office desk drawers, coffee tables, and pantries are good. Resist the urge to put it in your refrigerator or freezer unless you use an air-tight container. Water and humidity are chocolate's no.1 enemy. Condensation will cause it to bloom (grey streaks, crystallisation).

Where does the discolouration come from and can I still eat my chocolate bar?

Yes, you're chocolate is still fine to eat! If chocolate melts and then hardens again, it may appear chalky and have a different mouthfeel. This is because it has partially or fully fallen out of temper.